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    Want to give your pet a healthier life? Boggo’s protein for dogs is the perfect solution to help increase your furbaby’s immunity from within. Boggo’s protein is not just any protein. It’s made from antibiotic-free insect ingredients. It’s high in calcium, zinc, phosphorus, lauric acid, Omega 6, and AMPs that help boost your fur baby’s health.

    Why It’s Special:

    • 40% Protein.
    • High in Calcium.
    • High in Omega 6.
    • Immunity-Boosting AMPs
    • Sustainable.
    • Hypoallergenic.
    • Easy to digest.

    How to Use:

    • Find the appropriate dosage for your dog from the dosage chart.
    • Prepare the home food normally.
    • Add a scoop of Boggo’s protein(suggested quantity) to the home recipe and mix it well.
    • Let your furbaby enjoy!


    Nutrition Profile:

    • Crude Protein 41%, Crude Fat 30%, Calcium 6%, Phosphorus 1.2%, Magnesium 1%, Sodium 0.3%
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    If you are struggling to keep fresh protein for your dog all the time or maybe you are worried that the protein might be laced with antibiotics, then Boggo’s protein for dogs is for you. Boggo’s protein is made from antibiotics-free insect ingredients. It’s not just any protein, it’s packed with nutrients that naturally aid your furbaby’s immunity from within. Just add one scoop to your dog’s food and you are done.

    Insect Protein

    Insects used to be a big part of animal diets before hoomans domesticated them. Doing so deprived animals like cats and dogs of many micronutrients and reduced their immunity in general. Introducing insect protein in the pet diet increases immunity as it has natural anti-microbial peptides, making your dog a super dog.

    Antibiotic-Free & Easy to digest.

    80% of the world’s antibiotics are used in animal farming and most traditional protein sources are full of them. That’s what we came up with Boggo’s protein for dogs. It is made from insects, and no antibiotics are used whatsoever. Moreover, digesting insects is much easier for dogs’ stomachs, that’s why this protein is hypoallergenic.

    Hasslefree to use

    Boggo’s protein is easy to incorporate into home food recipes. Many of our customers mix it with curd, porridge and rice among other home food. We suggest you start with 1/4 Scoop to familiarise your pet with insect protein and gradually increase it to the optimum level mentioned in the dosage chart. Once your dogs get familiar with insect protein, they will love it.

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