Supercharge your dog's diet with bug protein

Boggo’s insect-based recipes, featuring Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL), offer a unique and natural protein source close to what dogs evolved to eat. This protein-rich dog food contributes to your dog’s overall health and well-being.

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Why Choose Bug Based Dog Food

Increases Brain Health

Boggo’s dog food contains natural MCTs that support cognitive function for a sharper canine mind.

Improved Skin and Coat

Boggo’s unique insect-based recipe, packed with Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL), nourishes your dog from the inside out, promoting a radiant coat and healthy skin.

Helps with the Stomach Microbiota

Boggo’s formula incorporates natural ingredients that promote a healthy balance of gut bacteria in your dog’s digestive system.

Enhanced metabolism

Boggo’s recipe includes omega oils, which contribute to a healthy metabolism in dogs.

Increased bone health

Boggo’s protein source naturally contains calcium, an essential mineral for building and maintaining strong bones in dogs.

Immunity Boosting

Boggo’s protein-rich formula includes AMP, which helps support your dog’s natural immune system function.

Power of the Wildest Dog Food 🙂

All Natural Dog Food

Boggos dog food

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Boggo’s, we use responsibly sourced BSFL to ensure your pup gets a safe and healthy meal. But variety is key! While insect protein is excellent, mix it with other protein sources like chicken for a well-rounded diet when navigating the best dog food online!

There are many choices for dogs with allergies! Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) is a promising new option for hypoallergenic dog food.

Why BSFL? Studies suggest it may be less likely to trigger allergic reactions than traditional protein sources like beef or chicken. This is because dogs haven’t been exposed to insect protein as frequently, making it potentially less allergenic.

Yes, Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) shows promise as a healthy protein source for dogs! Studies suggest BSFL offers complete protein with essential nutrients. Beyond nutrition, BSFL production requires fewer resources and incurs less environmental costs.

The healthiest food for your dog depends on their unique needs. Just like humans, dogs have individual dietary requirements. Age, size, and activity level are all crucial factors in choosing the right choice when navigating the best dog food online. High-quality commercial dog food is a great foundation.

Allergies in pets, like humans, can be triggered by various ingredients in their diet. Common culprits include proteins like chicken or beef and grains like corn or wheat.

Hypoallergenic food helps manage these allergies. It can reduce or eliminate allergic reactions by containing limited ingredients with a lower allergy risk, relieving your furry friend. Symptoms like itching, scratching, and skin irritation can all improve with the right food.

Several insect types are used in pet food, with Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) being popular. BSFL and mealworm options are raised in controlled environments to ensure quality and safety. These insects are then processed to become a nutritious protein source in pet food.

While insect-based food shows major benefits for pets with allergies and offers a novel protein source, it’s not a universal solution. Consult your veterinarian to determine if it suits your pet’s needs and ensure the food meets its nutritional requirements.

Unlike traditional meat, insect protein for dogs offers potential environmental benefits (less resource-intensive), is packed with essential nutrients, and promotes local, sustainable food production. However, consult your veterinarian to ensure it meets your dog’s needs, as insect-based pet food is a developing field.

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