The Benefits of Insects in Petfood and How They Improve the Quality of Your Dog’s Diet


If you are a pet parent, we know your whole world revolves around those puppy eyes! Dogs are more than just pets, they are a fur-ever friend that deserves a huge round of ap-paws for bringing happiness into our lives. For this (and many more reasons), keeping them happy and healthy is our top priority. That’s where their food comes in!

Good quality dog food is essential for their well-being, but with so many options out there, it can be tough to choose. 

Did you Know There’s a New Ingredient Taking the Pet Food World By Storm – Insects?

Well, the idea of insects in your dog’s food might seem strange at first, but hear us out. These tiny critters offer a surprising range of benefits for our canine companions. Below we share a few pointers that shed light on why insect based dog food might just be the add-on secret to a healthier and happier pup –

  • Powerhouse of Protein: Well, first thing first! Insects are made up of high-quality, easily digestible protein and healthy fats. This is super important for building and maintaining strong muscles, supporting a healthy immune system and keeping your energetic pup full of life throughout the day.
  • Allergy Ally: Does your dog suffer from allergies or sensitivities to common protein sources like chicken or beef? Insect protein can be a lifesaver. Since it’s a new ingredient for most dogs, it’s less likely to trigger allergies, making it a safe option for pups with sensitive stomachs. Thus, insect-based dog food in India is gaining more and more popularity.
  • Happy Tummy: Insects are a natural source of prebiotics, a type of fibre that fuels the good bacteria in your dog’s gut. This offers several advantages such as promoting healthy digestion, reducing tummy troubles and even giving their overall immune system a boost. 
  • Boosts Immunity: We know that insects might be a surprising new ingredient in pet food, but they’re buzzing with benefits. One of their biggest benefits that deserves special mention is being an immunity booster for your dog – fur real. These little critters contain special ingredients called chitin and AMPs. Chitin is like a superhero suit for your puppy’s immune system, helping it stay strong. On the other hand, AMPs are like tiny fighters that battle bad bacteria and viruses before they can make your dog sick.
  • A Sustainable Food Source: The interesting part about buying all-natural puppy food with insects is that farming insects require way less land and water compared to raising traditional livestock. Plus, it produces fewer greenhouse gases, making insects superheroes for the planet.


  • Shiny Coat, Happy Pup: Insects can actually help maintain your dog’s soft fur and healthy skin. These tiny creatures are packed with protein, fibre and even healthy fats like omega-3s. Furthermore, as mentioned already, insects also have chitin, which acts like a natural moisturiser for your dog’s skin. This helps keep their skin hydrated and prevents it from drying out, leading to a shinier coat and paw-sitive pup. 

So, From Where Can I Buy the Best Dog Food Online?

With more and more people extending their furever families, finding sustainable protein sources is becoming important. Raising insects is an environment-friendly practice as It produces fewer greenhouse gases, making it a win for your pup and the planet!

So, the next time you’re looking for dog food online or offline, consider giving insect-based options a try! Boggos is a sustainable insect-based dog food brand that’s shaking things up in pet nutrition. The brand uses Black Soldier Fly Larvae, an amazing source of all the fantastic benefits we just talked about.

Surf our website up and down to give your furry friend the gift of a healthy, sustainable diet with the convenience of online shopping. Ergo, wait no more and buy dog food online today!

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