Boggo’s Munchy Sticks – Dog Treats For Chewing – Pack of 400 Grams

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    Boggo’s munchy sticks are the perfect solution to provide tasty and nutritious treats to your furbaby’s. These treats contain revolutionary insect-based ingredients that boost immunity from within. The antibiotic-free insect ingredients are high in calcium, zinc, phosphorus, lauric acid, Omega 6, and AMPs that help boost your fur baby’s health while tasting great at the same time!

    Why It’s Special:

    • 80% Protein.
    • High in Calcium.
    • Contains Immunity-Boosting anti-microbial peptides.
    • Low in fat content.
    • Reduces tartar build-up and promotes healthy teeth and gum.
    • Hypoallergenic.
    • Suitable for all breeds above 4 months of age.

    How to Use:

    • Feed treats responsibly.
    • Two to three treats per day.

    Nutrition Profile:

    • Crude Protein 80%, Crude Fat 3%, Moisture 7%
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    Dog Treats For Chewing

    Give your dog something that tastes amazing and is healthy for them at the same time. Boggo’s Munchy Sticks are the perfect combo. These tasty treats are made with the best ingredients like rawhide, revolutionary BSFL meal, and BSFL oil, and the best chicken extracts to give your pup taste and nutrition. They’re great for small and large breeds alike as there’s something to fit every size appetite. They’re also low fat and low sugar, which is good for the doggo’s waistline. What are you waiting for? Get a pack of them today! it is the best for training dog treats also.

    Insect Protein, a Superfood

    Insects used to be a big part of animal diets before humans domesticated them. Doing so deprived animals like cats and dogs of many micronutrients and reduced their immunity in general. Introducing insect protein in the pet diet is a great way to increase their immunity naturally as it has natural anti-microbial peptides. Supercharge their health with the power of insects. Our amazing little grubs are a true superfood, packed with healthy protein, fats, minerals, and immune-boosting antioxidants. Boggo’s helps to make your dog a super dog 🙂

    Antibiotic-Free & Easy to digest.

    80% of the world’s antibiotics are used in animal farming, and most traditional protein sources are full of them. That’s why we came up with Boggo’s product. It is made from insects, along with premium quality ingredients. Moreover, digesting insects is much easier for dogs’ stomachs, that’s why we make these natural dog treats for chewing and also hypoallergenic.


    500 Grams

    7 reviews for Boggo’s Munchy Sticks – Dog Treats For Chewing – Pack of 400 Grams

    1. Ankit

      my dog ​​loves it.

    2. digi996

      My dog loves to play with it as well as eat it. Great product!

    3. Ridhima Cherry

      This is basically the best treats I’ve ever gotten… My dog likes it so much and even my street friends who are so old and barely have a few teeths can also enjoy these as they are soft and tasty 😋 Highly recommended 💯💯💯

    4. Cherry.theindie

      This a very good product my dog loves it 😊 I also feed dogs in my area and they also love it 😊 I feed them boggos treat daily as it is very soft and they are old so they barely have a few teeths left (I’ve tried many chewsticks but they are all very hard and it’s difficult for them to chew) so boggos is my favourite brand from now on ❤️❤️

    5. Rythm

      Loved it

    6. Leo Chatterjee

      The muchies are 10 out of 10 leo loved it very much ❤️ thank you so much boggos 👏 Fully recommend

    7. Zoey

      Yummies treat, my dogs loved it !!!

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